Now Boarding Ep. 3

The Last Gate

Live Streamed  April 19 at 7 pm EST. Written and Directed by Julia Fitzgerald

One of my favorite things about this episode is that it’s kind of like hidden sci-fi. You don’t really know for sure until the end! This is a style of writing that I like a lot, and really wanted to put some extra “umph” in this score.

It features violin & electronics, and the laptop as well. Instrumental and drum parts were prepared, as were effects tracks, for the live performance. (And I make a cameo as Siri with the sampler!).

The show begins about 11 minutes in.


Now Boarding: Episode 3 The Last Gate

🎬 Ep. 3 LIVE – The Last Gate🎥 Director Julia Fitzgerald

Posted by Now Boarding on Thursday, April 19, 2018


After Sally grabs the wrong bag at security, her grandmother Maureen vows to make it to the last gate in time to share one final goodbye before Sally departs.

Airports have always been a fascinating place to director Julia Fitzgerald. While the arcane guidelines, bureaucratic red tape, and disgruntled employees can often lead to frustrating travel experiences, they certainly make for memorable stories. However, what makes airports most intriguing to Julia is how these transit limbos can collect characters in the midst of upheaval; individuals saying goodbye to one place while standing on the precipice of a new collection of experiences. With inspiration from her all-time favorite anthology television series, “The Twilight Zone”, Julia seeks to push these themes to the extreme and transport the audience to an unexpected place in her episode “The Last Gate”.

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