Now Boarding Ep. 1

La Narca

Live Streamed  March 1 at 7 pm EST. Written and Directed by Karina Robledo

Since this episode takes place in South America, I wanted to give it some Latin style. The acoustic guitar dominates the soundtrack to this episode.

La Narca: Episode 1

🎬 Ep. 1 “La Narca” – LIVE Now Boarding Television Production🎥 Director – Karina Robledo

Posted by Now Boarding on Thursday, March 1, 2018



When a luggage filled with drugs goes missing, Salomé must retrieve it for her own sanity and make it to America in order to escape her death.

La Narca was influenced by a cliche of stereotypical tales and oldest jokes in the books. “You’re Colombian? You smuggle cocaine.” The idea of smuggling drugs particularly in a faja, “girdle”, came to the director’s mind when she did work for a faja company. Paying close attention to the detail and art of how it was made from wire and fabric to finish was captivating and fascinating. Even more fascinating- how women praise “La Faja Colombiana”. But it must sound unrealistic…getting through security with drugs and not having it appear through a body scan? Or a dog sniffing you out? Ha. Have you ever traveled across a country and had TSA stop you on the side? You start freaking out…only to be told you’ll be held for questioning because of the apple you forgot in your bag or the lighter that’s been in there for years…meanwhile your friends are on their way to that cross country music festival and got through with pages of LSD, make-up kits filled with MDMA, cigarette packs filled with marijuana joints and cocaine in a tampon shoved….I’ll stop there.

La Narca, although being a Drama has its comic relief through the characters witty remarks….Porque lo más vacano: la historia se contará en inglés y español. Y todos sabemos que los latinos son hilarantes, incluso cuando no lo intentan.

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