Inspired by a special exhibition on which was on display at Ulrich Museum of Art winter 2014, The Clan of Munes is a musical narrative which tells Waugh’s story through ensemble and sound.


Soprano, Tenor, Violin, Clarinet, Horn, Upright Bass, Percussion

This project stands out as one of the most enjoyable works to date. It was both quite spontaneous and simple. I walked into the art gallery, fell in love with the work, and wanted to tell its story through sound. The close of the exhibition was set for mid April, and I quickly decided that was a perfect timeline to produce a feature length piece of music.

The text is mostly a reduced version of Waugh’s The Clan of Munes. The story is still told start to finish, but is reduced to fit comfortably into a musical setting. All of the lyrics are in a fictitious language of the munes, which I had fun putting together.

Here is “The Rescued and the Rescuer,” a selection from the full score. The Munish culture dictates that if one mune becomes fallen and then picked up by another mune, they are to become happily joined in marriage and celebrate with dance.


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