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Exploration and creation drive my music. I love using new sounds and finding new patterns. Allow me to assemble these observations into {interesting || great} music.

Bending harmony and blurring rhythm, Cortland Mahoney’s work is built on a framework of sound. His music balances elements of composition with improvisation such that the piece breaths a life of its own.

His most recent large form composition is the six movement work Cold’s Solace. Composed as an honorarium to the cold, it is scored for flute, trumpet, two violins, bass, keyboard/organ, and choir. The suite, composed as an honorarium to the cold, hears influence from Messiaen’s thick harmonic conception, John Adams minimal but highly textured orchestration, and sensitivity to modern phrasing as expressed by Grizzly Bear.

Previous projects include Agave Democracy, a jazz/rock ensemble; The Clan of Munes, a storytelling narrative suite written to accompany an art gallery; and Anachronos, a chamber orchestra dedicated to performing music of contemporary composers.

Mahoney is the recipient of the Beth Landis Violin Scholarship, the Koch Cultural Trust, the BettyLou Scandling Hubin scholarship for Music Technology, a City Arts of Wichita grant, and the winner of the Anderson Concerto Competition. He holds a degree in music from WSU. Composition aside, Mahoney is a web programmer.