Composer & Producer

Filmmakers, musicians, artists, and comedians have come to me to deliver the sound they needed. For TV and short films, it is a collection of music that accompanies the visual and emotional arc. For recording artists and performers, I provide the instrumental part that was missing. In venues and recital halls, it is my music.

The Studio

My studio is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. The services I can provide for you include music composition, orchestration, arrangement, production, and project delivery. If you already know what you need, let’s write now.

Video Scores

In 2015, our film entry Plenty of You to Go Around took first place at Down to the Wire, the 24 hour film festival of Wichita, KS. This short film is about a man getting himself cloned for organ harvesting, so it naturally has a dark electronic sci-fi score to match.

More samples of my work with film can be seen with Now Boarding. If you are a film director and need and original soundtrack for your visual masterpiece, I can produce your score.


Music is such a colorful way to illustrate a story. This is the focal point of my work, The Music of the Munes. Composed for soprano, baritone, clarinet, violin, horn, upright bass, and percussion, this 45 minute suite tells Frederick J. Waugh’s story of The Clan of Munes through work inspired by Native American folklore and magic.

The Clan of Munes

A narrative suite for chamber septet, to accompany an art gallery

Small ensembles and chamber music are the most intimate away to express sound. If this type of music is meaningful to you, please listen to more of my formal composition.

For your business or your artistic needs, I can compose a piece provided known parameters, such as the occasion, ensemble size, and instrumentation. Drop me a line.

Cortland Mahoney

For 13 years my craft was performing on the violin and working as a Teaching Artist. My friends liked the music I wrote, and it was fun to play. The degree I fought for was a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Violin. They said that can’t exist, so the degree I graduated with is a B.A. in Music in 2015 from Wichita State University .


The swan song album of my career as an electric violinist, these are all the colors my fingers could produce with hair and metal alone.

In collaboration with Invisible College, I conduct a concert series in Bushwick to feature new and engaging music by local artists. In the seven concerts so far since 2016, we have worked with 17 bands and artists, often experimental, often electronic, and always original.

My music has been featured at Tenri Cultural Institute, Emporia State University, The Ulrich Museum of Art, Invisible College, Down to the Wire film festival, Caffeine Underground, and Brooklyn College.

I am the recipient of over $10,000 in grants and awards, including the Betty Lou Hubin award for Music Technology, and the award for World Music. I am based out of Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York and collaborates with artists, musicians, and techies in the city and Boston. My music has been featured at local venues and media in Brooklyn.